Soft Blocks

Solid foam blocks covered in fleece fabric 'stick' together making it easy for little builders to stack.  Ten piece set includes two 4" large square blocks, five 3" small squares

and three oblong blocks. 

In two styles - geometric prints

and sports teams. 

Polka Dots 


Six soft stuffed balls in primary colors,

and one large multi-colored  ball are favorite indoor toys for babies and bigger kids.  Learn colors and counting, play 'marbles' and 'basketball'.  Machine wash and dry.


 Shapes Boards

The 'flannel board' of years past updated with softer, thicker, fleece fabrics.  A true use-your-imagination toy, children make pictures using the big variety of shapes, more than 50 pieces included!  The board measures 15"x20",

has a handle on top for carrying and

a pocket on the back to store the pieces.

 Finger-Puppet Bugs

A set of five fun finger-puppet bugs and mesh cage provide lots of fun year round - no stinging!

Set includes Bumblebee, Ladybug, Spider, Butterfly and Dragonfly  

Baby Safe Small Toys


These soft toys have no buttons or glued parts - completely safe for newborns

Cars are about 7" long, Planes measure 9" - both in a variety of colors.

Dollys are 9" tall.  Machine wash and dry.


Soft Cars have headlights and tail-lights - $8

Airplanes - $5

Baby's First Dolly dressed as boys or girls - $7

Bunnies in pastel colors and Yellow Ducks  - $5

Hand-crafted Toys

and other Useful Things


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