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This is a new website and my first ever blog - but I've been sewing since 7th grade Home Ec class. From my first ever project, a gingham-check apron, to making clothes for myself, appliance covers and even a patchwork quilt, to the first item I ever sold, a life-size moose head, I have never gone very long without making something! Through the years I enjoyed taking part in craft fairs where I rented a space, hauled in tables and displayed my product, anticipating each exciting sale! I tell you, it's addicting. (There also is no other more optimistic person than a crafter, as we go into each new craft fair with the sure expectation of breaking previous sales records!)

Fot a couple of years I had a retail store in downtown Osseo, Minnesota I called 'All Creation Crafts and Collectibles' filled with hand-crafted items from 50+ local artisans and fun 'gently used' and vintage items. I had my sewing machine set up there and spent the time between customers happily sewing - but it was 2008 and customers were too infrequent to make a go of it so in 2010 I returned to the craft fair world. That's when I discovered boutiques, limited-time seasonal events that put the best mix of items together for ever enthusiastic customers. And now with this new website, the whole All Creation line of 'hand-crafted, mostly useful things' is available anytime - just drop me an email.


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