The creative process

1. THE PATTERN. Here's how it starts. I am designing a soft crocodile, and making the pattern is the hardest part! These pieces are cut from white paper - after I am sure they are the size and shape I want so they come together to make the 'green monster' I picture in my head, I will copy them to actual pattern paper.

2. THE FABRIC. What color IS a crocodile? Faced with several shades of greens at my local fabric store, I settled on a solid 'sickly green' - and should the inside of his mouth be red? Aren't they more gray, maybe?

3. CROC! Here's the first version - not sure how well I like him, but Husband Bob thinks he's great so there's the 'boy'opinion! He's nice and big - 40" from nose to tail! and stands up nicely on his legs. Maybe I will try to have the mouth more closed on the next one?

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