The Rusty Shamrock in Maple Lake

I am excited to have branched out into a whole new venture - all manner of old, vintage, unique and just plain fun things! Upstairs at The Rusty Shamrock are my four 'rooms' of assorted finds, from 1960's glassware to birdcages and garden cloches, fishing lures, lamps, clocks and paintings . It's the unusual stuff that catches my eye - interesting art and decor items, a wall phone that only looks old, and radios from the past that are up-to-date AM/FM/CD. This picture shows the kitchen section, and you can see my microwave potato bags on the shelf and hand-done cross-stitched dishtowels hanging on the drying rack. There's a big children's area for the soft toys I sew, along with old and new toys like jack-in-the-boxes, a dollhouse, and a puppet stage. I'm always on the look out for wonderful unique things - you never know what you may find! The Rusty Shamrock is open every Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturday from 10am to 5pm. It's about 45 minutes west, just off Highway 55, at 120 Oak Ave N. Right next door is Irish Blessings, an early morning coffee shop featuring breakfast sandwiches that is open until 4 to serve lunch and where you can also order a beer or glass of wine. A drive out to Maple Lake needs to be on your short list!

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